Next iPad rumored to be called iPad HD

b414f2effc20x465.jpg Next iPad rumored to be called iPad HD

The next generation iPad may not be called iPad 3 but iPad HD instead. We’re already expecting a higher resolution screen and the HD suffix would no doubt be more marketable to the general public than a generic number. The question remains as to whether Apple will switch up their naming scheme this time around to center around a single feature.

Considering Apple is rumored to be doubling the resolution of the current iPad 2, it may make sense for them to market the heck out of an arguably retina display capable iPad. The general public understands what HD is and what it means. It would also make the new iPad the first tablet to be able to natively support 1080p at its full resolution. Apple could market that feature to distract people from the fact that it may not receive an A6 processor update like originally rumored.

If the new iPad set to debut at the March 7th press event does indeed sport the expected 2048

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