Huawei Prism hits T-Mobile on May 6th

With the HTC One S and soon the Samsung Galaxy Note hitting T-Mobile, Magenta needs some low-end hardware to round out its lineup. Luckily, Huawei is more than happy to provide. According to internal documents spotted by TmoNews, the “T-Mobile Prism 3G” (looks like they’re cutting Huawei out of the branding again) will land on the network on May 6th, this coming Sunday. This one’s aimed right at the entry level.

7e1a3f582940x399.jpg Huawei Prism hits T Mobile on May 6th

If you’re looking for a phone to wow your friends or kick back and watch a full-length movie, the Prism 3G isn’t it. But if you just need something with basic functionality – or maybe something to give your kids – it might fit the bill. The 3.5-inch screen has a respectable 480

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